• Who are we?

    Bob Society is a vibrant and partly sustainable brand based in Beirut, founded by two young girls with a passion for ethical fashion. From stylish garments made from organic or recycled materials to our commitment to fair labor practices, Bob Society strives to make a positive impact while empowering individuals to make responsible fashion choices.

  • Chloe & Maia

    Maia and Chloe, the founders of Bob Society, are two dynamic individuals who embody a remarkable spirit of life and passion. As the driving forces behind the fashion brand, they bring enthusiasm to their work. With a shared commitment to sustainability, Maia and Chloe have embraced the challenge of creating a partly sustainable brand in the fashion industry.

  • Bob Society's energy

    The brand embraces a diverse and bold color palette, adding vibrancy and excitement to our designs. Beyond our sustainable practices, Bob Society is socially engaged, actively supporting and engaging with the local community. Together, these elements create a brand energy that is socially conscious and environmentally responsible.

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