Batroun Fairs


Batroun Spring Faire is an exciting spring fair that brings together the beauty of Batroun's coastal charm and the spirit of local brands. It's a lively event designed to celebrate the arrival of spring, showcasing your brand's offerings in a vibrant beachside setting. With a mix of activities, entertainment, and a bustling marketplace, Batroun Spring fair promises a memorable experience for attendees of all ages.

Faraya fairs


Faraya Mzaar is an exciting summer pop-up created to celebrate the spirit of the season and showcase the essence of lebanese brands. It's an immersive and engaging event that promises to captivate attendees and leave a lasting impression. With its lively atmosphere, interactive installations, and captivating aesthetics, Faraya Mzaar is designed to create a memorable summer experience for all who attend.

Christmas Fairs


Step into a magical wonderland and celebrate the festive season with our brand's enchanting Christmas fair. Winter Markets are whimsical events designed to immerse attendees in the joy and spirit of Christmas. With a blend of holiday-themed activities, delightful decorations, and a bustling marketplace, the fairs promise to create cherished memories for all visitors.